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Many people believe that a leader’s job is to look outward and give others guidance, but our research suggests that to help their workforce navigate.

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odd items. Find 68 ways to say MEMORABLE, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus. Synonyms for OUTSTANDING: prominent, salient, conspicuous, marked, great, noticeable, remarkable, signal, exceptional; Antonyms for OUTSTANDING: inferior, mediocre.

capital. Best synonyms for 'remaining items' are 'outstanding items', 'pending issues' and 'remaining components'.

Thrilling event, outstanding example.


synonyms. UN-2.

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outstanding 1 celebrated, distinguished, eminent, excellent, exceptional, great, important, impressive, meritorious, pre-eminent, special, stellar (informal) superior, superlative, well.
One outstanding item is universal membership which has been referred to the UNGA and awaits a decision.

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Learn the definition of 'outstanding item'. n. brilliant. leftover items. All PO Items except rugs - All PO Items except rugs. Etymology.

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put into operation. outstanding debts.


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Synonyms for OUTSTANDING: unpaid, payable, owed, owing, overdue, due, unsettled, mature; Antonyms of OUTSTANDING: cleared, repaid, liquidated, settled, paid (off or up), prepaid, minor, insignificant.